Your Life's Workshop with Illana Burk
Your Life's Workshop with Illana Burk
Illana Burk

Welcome to Your Life's Workshop with Illana Burk

This is where you find and create your life's work. This is where you learn to lead.

Where commerce meets values

We are a collective of brave humans who believe in the transcendent power of what becomes possible when we combine commerce with integrity, leadership with values, and community with personal growth. 

Together, we face hard truth.

Together, we learn from our mistakes.

Together, we promote acceptance, prosperity, and generosity.

This is where you find and create your life's work in very, very good company.

What we do here

Life's work coaching for entrepreneurs.

Leadership training for aspiring revolutionaries of all sorts .

Ethical small business education on everything from strategic planning to tactical nitty-gritty (we add new stuff all the time).

We also host regular workshops and trainings on:

- health, wellness, and mental balance 

- moving global conversations forward (aka copywriting that does way more than selling)

- authority-building for people who need authority to make a difference

- culture-reclamation and the power of history and ancestral honor

And so much more.

All specifically for rabble-rousing world-healing rebels who are sick and tired of living with great ideas that just never get off the ground.

We believe in

inclusion and safety for all who support those ideals.

constant improvement.

personal responsibility and gracious generosity in equal measure.

ethical marketing and consent-based selling.

setting and honoring boundaries.

help first, sell second.

starting where you are, using what you have, and doing what you can. (lightly edited quote from the incomparable Arthur Ashe)

honoring credit where credit is due.

following those who earn it.

helping those who deserve it.

lifting those who need it.

And finally, that leadership requires collective ideas, challenging conversations, and humble humans working together.

That means that the one significant qualifier to be here is simply to Be. Here. Presently, empathetically, humbly.

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